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Power Amplifiers

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  1. 11020

    2x20W lamps Fan in front 1xECC82 2xECC83 and pre-amplification 4xEL84 in power stage 2 entries Jack 6.35 Jack 6.35 6 outputs (2 line out, 2 outputs 8ohms, 16ohms 2 outputs) Remote control socket for the Deep function. Read more
  2. 11022

    Marshall EL34 50/50 Head Valve Kit Fitted with 2 Electro Harmonix EL34 Platinum Matched Quartets output valves and Electro Harmonix pre-amp valves. 4 x Electro Harmonix EL34 Platinum Single 2 x Electro Harmonix ECC83/12AX7 2 x Electro Harmonix ECC81/12AT7 We recommend this set of valves that we regard them as a great upgrade to the stock valves fitted In the Marshall EL34 50/50 Head. You will experience Excellent tonal balance, harmonic content, low noise floor, and low microphonics ,with Nice, warm tone. We recommend that you check your BIAS setting when fitting the output. Read more
  3. 13196

    Yamaha P7000S, Amplifier 2x 950W / 4 Ohm, 2x 700W / 8 Ohm, 2x 1600watts/2ohm, 1x 1900W 8 Ohm bridge, Lo-Cut and Sub-Out adjustable from 25 Hz-150 Hz, Input XLR+Jack, Outputs: Speakon, Jack and Binding Post, 2HE 19" Read more
  4. 20786

    Although you could play an arena rock concert with much less than the DV Mark G 1000’s impressive 1000 watts, having so much power at your disposal allows you to play with incredible dynamics and enables your cabinets to handle high signal peaks without clipping. Read more
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7 Item(s)