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Acoustic Drum Sets

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  1. INV03141

    Bass Drum Size 20"
    Hardware of Drum Chrome Hardware
    Floor Tom Size 14"
    Snare Drum Size 14"
    Shell Material Birch Wood
    Tom Tom Size 10"
    Tom Tom Size 12"
    Colour Brown
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  2. INV04562

    Styled in a snazzy black glitter finish, Yamaha’s RDP0F5 Rydeen is an acoustic drum set intended for beginners and intermediate players alike. The kit provides two 22.2mm-diameter tom clamps, each with a ball mount to help you angle the rack tom to better suit your playing style. The bass-drum head comes with a double film on the edges, providing muting for tight, hefty kick-drum sounds. Included in the kit are a snare drum, a kick drum, two rack toms, a floor tom, and separate lugs and clamps for securing the rack toms to the kick drum. The shells are constructed out of 6-ply poplar. Read more
Set Descending Direction


5 Item(s)