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Electric Drum Sets

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  1. 21598

    Yamaha DTX700K complete E-Drum Set, Set containing Drum Module DTX700 with 1,268 Drum and Percussion Sounds - Effekt Sektion, 1x XP80 DTX-Pad with 3 Zone (Rimshot and Rimclick) and 8" Diameter for Snare, 3x XP70 1-Zone-DTX-Pad for Tom Toms with 7" Diameter, 1x KP65 Bass Drum Kick Pad, 1x RHH135 Hi-Hat Cymbal Pad System included HS650A Hi-Hat Stand, 1x PCY135 Crash Cymbal Pad, 1x PCY135 Ride Cymbal Pad, RS500 Drum Rack, Bass Drum Pedal not included, DTX Get Ready to Rock Special Price included, Read more
  2. 17686

    Yamaha RHH-135 Hi-Hat E-Drum Controller Pad - combines a real stand with an electronic pad for a traditional look and feel. Hi-Hat stand not included. Read more
  3. INV01314

    Yamaha DTX522K complete E-Drum Set containing DTX502 Drum Module with 691 Drum and percussion sounds and 128 Melodies, 9 reverbs and 2 master eq bands, 50 Preset / 50 User Sets, integrated Sequencer, 8 trigger inputs and USB to Host Function, including XP80 Snare Pad with silicon surface, 3x TP70 Tom Pads, KP65 Bass Drum Pad, HH65 Hi-Hat Controller with PCY100 Hi-Hat Pad, 1x PCY100 Crash Cymbal Pad, 1xPCY135 Ride Cymbal Pad, RS502 Drum Rack, foot pedal not included Read more
  4. 17780

    Yamaha XP120SD, 12" DTX 3 Zone Snare Pad with Controller, pad with a transcendent feel, drum head is made of TCS (textured cellular silicone), The pad is divided into three zones and supports open rimshots and closed rimshots., In addition, you can assign different voices to different zones. This makes highly original performances possible. For example, you can create an acoustic drum sound when you hit the head area, a cowbell sound when you hit the open rim area, and a loop sound when you hit the closed rim area. Also, the pad has a pad controller (the black dial on the edge) that you can use to readily control the snare wire tuning and adjust effects. Read more
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7 Item(s)