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Snare Accessories

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  1. INV02701

    2 MUS80B* Snare butt complete 2-1 MS620SH Square head bolt (M6x20mm) 2-2 MS610SHW Square head bolt (M6x10mm) w/ washer 2-3 MS410B20P(20pcs/set) M4x10mm, 1pc, for SC Maple MS412B20P(20pcs/set) M4x12mm, 1pc, for SC Bubinga, SC Performer & SC Performer EFX (except glitter finish) MS414B20P(20pcs/set) M4x14mm, 1pc, for SC G Maple & SC Performer EFX (glitter finish) Read more
  2. INV07365

    The Percussion Plus speed drum key is a great accessory for all drummers. The drum key is designed to aid drummers to tune their drums quickly and efficiently.

    • Enables Faster Tightening of Drum Heads
    • For quick and efficient tuning
    • Great drummers accessory
    • Will Fit Most Drum Tension Rods
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Set Descending Direction


5 Item(s)