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Mastering / Editor Software

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  1. INV03796

    Dorico is the next-generation scoring application from Steinberg, with a whole new way of working with music notation. Built from the ground up by musicians for musicians, Dorico is like having an intelligent assistant by your side. Dorico’s output is the equal of the finest music engraving, and brings music to life through Steinberg’s award-winning audio engine. Read more
  2. INV03797

    The USB-eLicenser is a small USB key (dongle, formerly Steinberg Key) on which music software licenses by different manufacturers can be stored. For licenses on an USB-eLicenser are independent from a specific computer, the corresponding software can be used on any computer to which the USB-eLicenser is connected. An USB-eLicenser can hold an virtually infinite number of licenses. Read more
  3. INV03799

    WaveLab is available in two different editions: WaveLab Pro and WaveLab Elements. Each one features stunning performance and crystal clear sound quality due to Steinberg's highly acclaimed audio engine. The feature set of each version was carefully picked and tailored to the individual needs of mastering engineers, musicians and podcasters alike — just pick the WaveLab version that suits you best. Read more
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9 Item(s)