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Storage of guitar.


All guitars are sensitive to changes in air humidity. Acoustic guitars are more sensitive to air humidity fluctuations than electric guitars. 

Most metal string acoustic and electric guitars have a so-called “truss rod” in the neck, which can be used to adjust the bend of the neck. The necessary distance between the stings and the frets depends on what the player is accustomed to. The neck of a guitar bends closer to the strings in winter and further away in summer. We advise to have a specialist adjust the bend of the guitar neck.

The greatest problem in summer is excessively high air humidity.The body of an acoustic guitar may bend and the elevated bridge may make playing hard or more difficult. In this case, it is recommended to use a lower bridge.

Proper storage of a guitar is especially important in winter as the fine tuning will distort in improper storage conditions and, in the worst case, the instrument may become unusable. The central heating and hot-air blowers used in winter bring air humidity to an extremely low level.If a guitar with a solid wood soundboard is kept in too dry air, the soundboard will shrink. The soundboard will bend out of shape, the distance between the strings and the neck will decrease and the strings will be “chirruping” against the frets. The fingerboard will also dry and the ends of the frets will protrude. In an environment of especially dry air, the glued parts of a guitar will tear, the lacquer layer will crack and, in the worst case, cracks may appear in the guitar.These problems are easy to prevent:


1.   Purchase a hydrometer and monitor the level of air humidity in your home.

2.   If the indoor air is especially dry, get an air humidifier.

3.   The recommended air humidity level in a room where acoustic instruments (including electric guitars) are stored is approximately 37-60%.


Technical fiber “humidity mats” for acoustic guitars have also become popular. The mat is dampened and placed in the guitar so that the humidity would spread into the body. This is an easy method for ensuring proper storage conditions.

Rapid changes in temperature have a devastating effect on a guitar. So please do not keep your guitar next to a heater or a cold external wall or leave it in a car in a hot summer day or when it’s cold in winter.If it is necessary to transport a guitar in a cold season, it should be kept in the guitar case at room temperature for a few hours before playing. This allows the guitar some time needed for adjusting to the temperature. This way you will preserve the quality and extend the service life of your guitar.


Proper air humidity level is very easy to maintain in a hard guitar case.


The warranty does not extend to defects arising from improperstorage(e.g. bending orcracking of the guitar).


You are responsible for your guitar!