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Power Supplies

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  1. Phantom power supply adapter/mixer, battery-operated
    • For supplying power to two microphones with 4-pole mini XLR plug (e.g. CX...W series, headband microphones and lavalier microphones of the CX/CM series) 
    • Allows operation at mixers, home recorders or similar devices without integrated +48 V phantom power 
    • Separate volume controls for the two microphones
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  2. Suitable for Yamaha MG 10/2, MG 8C, MG 8CX, MW 10C, MW 8CX, MG 82CX, MG 8 / 2FX, MG10XU Read more
  3. Suitable for Yamaha MG 16/4, 16/6, MG 166 CX USB, 20/6, MG206C and Steinberg MR816X

    • AC Adapter
    • Input 230V AC
    • Output 2x 18V AC, 1,4 A
    • Connections: Euro plug, 3-pin plug with union nut
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7 Item(s)