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Acoustic Amps

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  1. INV02026

    Two-channel 200W combo amp with 2-way speaker system.

    Based on our best-selling Compact 60 acoustic amp, the Compact XL is a beautiful-sounding powerhouse for those who need additional volume and a more defined tone, but who love the straightforwardness of the Compact 60. A discrete 200W power amp design delivers additional dynamic headroom, while the speaker configuration provides additional tonal range.

    • Twin-channel, 3- and 2-band EQ
    • 200W, dynamic control
    • 2-way speaker system, polypropylene and tweeter
    • 4 digital effects
    Read more
  2. INV02046

    Roland AC-33 Stereo Acoustic Amp - 2x 15W (2x 10W when battery powered, 8 hours), 40sec looper, digital effects and anti-feedback function, line out, aux input, 2x 5" speakers. Guitar channel controls: volume, EQ (bass, mid & treble) and chorus switch. Mic/line channel controls: volume, EQ (bass & treble), chorus switch. Includes power supply. Dimensions: 32 x 22 x 24cm. Weight: 4.7kg Read more
  3. INV02047

    Roland AC-40 stereo acoustic amp, 2 channels (2x 17,5 watts), mic/line input, automatic anti-feedback function, 3 different chorus effects, reverb, stereo aux in Read more
  4. INV03074

    A combo amp ideally suited to classical instruments and styles. The Compact Classic Pro amplifier is for classical players and their instruments. Based on the Compact 60 power amp, the Compact Classic Pro benefits from an improved 2-way-speaker system, a more complex 3-band EQ with parametric bass and the use of the AER 32-bit effects-processor with carefully designed presets for classical instruments. Read more
  5. INV04174

    Dual-channel Acoustic Amplifier also with Battery OperationThere are many places where you will appreciate the Compact mobile as a professional thomann 2-channel acoustic guitar amplifier. In addition to the specially designed electronics, the dynamically controlled 60 watt power amplifier and the broadband loudspeaker system, a permanently installed rechargeable battery allows you to play approximately 3 to 4 hours of network-independent playtime. The charge control electronics monitor the charging process thomann during mains operation. Read more
  6. INV04175

    Tommy Emmanuel is one of the most influential guitar players of our time. For over a decade, he has relied on AER amplifiers to deliver his music to millions. To acknowledge that commitment, AER introduces the Compact-TE Tommy Emmanuel signature amplifier. Read more
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