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Guitar Heads

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  1. INV04505

    Get the signature sound of the great Greg Howe. DV Mark top-artist and guitar hero Greg Howe has strictly partnered with Marco De Virgiliis and DV Mark team to tune the DV Little GH 250 to suit amazing clean and creamy distortion tones from its two channels with effective separate controls. The DV Little GH 250 head was created following the extraordinary success of the DV Micro 50 —with the DV Micro and DV Little heads we were the first to introduce such a kind of guitar products design, that marked a new standard for ultra-portable and great sounding amps— offering to guitarists a plenty of power and serious headroom. With its 250W power amp, the DV Little GH 250 is a perfect choice also for big-stages applications and for louder bands, still in an ultra-compact package. This amp also features an onboard reverb and a convenient FX loop to best interface with external effects.

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  2. INV08193

    The DV Little 250 is a DV Mark top selling amp series as it balances an extremely portable size with huge powerheadroom and dynamic. At DV Mark we created a new standard for great sounding, powerful and portable amps, as we did in the bass market with Markbass.
    Many guitar players around the world are enjoying the great features provided by these amps and we partnered with some of our top artists creating some signature models to better fit their tone needs.
    Greg Howe has been the first joining the DV Little 250 family with his DV Little GH 250. Now this head puts together the incredible power and portability of all the DV Little 250 models with Greg Howe's passion for tube amps.
    6205 micro tube in the preamp section gives an extra bite and growl to the DV Little GH 250 giving birth to the ultimate Greg Howe music tool.
    The Sustainer control on the Lead channel delivers endless sustain and a warmer tone as well.

    “In today’s challenging world of travel, it’s comforting to know that I can fit the new DV Little GH 250 Tube head into my backpack and be guaranteed the kind of tube amp tone and feel that I love.”

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2 Item(s)