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Micro and Rehersal Amps

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  1. Marshall MS-2C Micro Amp - 1W, classic, silver, clean & overdrive mode, headphone connector, powered via 9V battery (order code: 132579) or 9V power supply (order code: 108096). Read more
  2. Marshall MS-4 Microstack - 2W, black, 2" speakers, clean and overdrive modes, requires 9V battery or optional power supply (9V DC, 100mA). Read more
  3. INV02492

    Designed specifically for low frequencies, offering a wide-range response. Read more
  4. INV05021

    Searing, high gain lead tone that's perfect for solos. Read more
  5. INV05022

    Gives you the extreme high-gain sound of a US-made amp. Read more
  6. INV07023

    The authentic, crunch blues tone of a cranked tweed amp. Read more
  7. INV07024

    The ideal choice for fat, boutique inspired clean sounds. Read more
  8. INV07025

    Delivers the classic crunch of a UK-made 100w amp. Read more
  9. INV07667

    Mustang Micro is a complete personal guitar amplifier featuring a wide selection of tones from the wildly popular Mustang series amps. Plug Mustang Micro directly into your guitar, connect your favorite wired headphones, and choose your perfect amp and effect settings. It’s ideal for any player from beginner to pro, making it quick and easy to get great tones when jamming at home or on the go.  Mustang Micro supports Bluetooth audio streaming from your mobile device, tablet or computer to Mustang Micro and features automatic Audio/Visual sync, making it a great tool for practicing and learning songs. And you can even record your favorite guitar tones and the Bluetooth audio stream simultaneously using Mustang Micro’s USB-C output. 

    • All-in-one personal headphone amplifier with onboard DSP
    • 12 amp models for a wide range of clean and dirty tones
    • 12 effect combinations with parameter modify control
    • Adjustable EQ
    • Convenient volume control
    • Bluetooth audio streaming with audio/video sync for playing along in real time
    • Rechargeable lithium ion battery (charged via USB)
    • 4 hours of continuous play time
    • Rotating input plug for compatibility with most guitars and basses
    • USB interface for recording output and firmware updates
    Read more
  10. INV08389

    The VGH AC30 is a headphone guitar amp that brings you the enjoyment of playing at home, in the rehearsal studio or outdoors just by plugging in to your guitar. When the headphone power is turned off, the product works like a pair of standard headphones, so it’s useful for a variety of situations.

    • Based on the tones of the iconic AC30
    • Built-in effects add color to the sound.
    • Features highly reliable closed-air dynamic headphone units made by Audio-Technica. Can be worn comfortably for long periods of time; ear pads can be rotated for easy storage.
    • Uses valve reactor technology in the headphone amp circuitry.
    • Includes a thick cable with plenty of length to play even while standing up. Unlike most headphones out there, the cable (non-detachable) is located on the right ear pad, making it easy to play your guitar or bass guitar.
    • Easy to operate, with the controls located on the right ear pad.
    • Plug in to the AUX IN jack to jam along with your music player.
    • Predominantly black colors to blend in with your look and match guitars of any color.
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10 Item(s)