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Drum Keys

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  1. This specially designed drum key offers both fine and fast tuning and is shaped and rounded to perfectly fit your fingers. The knurled knob at the end of the key allows you to quickly spin the TDK10 during initial tension rod tightening for rapid head changes. Read more
  2. Tama DH7 Drum Hammer, Drum Key, for all 4-Kant Screws, Drum Hammer featuring drum ky and 5mm hex wrench, Read more
  3. Recommended for tuning drums. The Tweek will not damage tension rod hardware like metal drumkeys can. Made of Super-Tough glass-filled black Nylon, the Tweek is much stronger than cheap "pot metal" drumkeys no doubt! Highly recommended for vintage drums and preserving instrument hardware.

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  4. INV03381

    The EVANS Torque drum key helps you attain more-accurate tuning with its torque handle that can be set to a desired tension. This key provides an ergonomic grip for maximum comfort, a knurled knob for quick spinning, and a slip-resistant magnetic head. Read more
Set Descending Direction


9 Item(s)