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  1. The ProMark Light Nylon brush produces a darker sound than traditional wire brushes. This nylon brush is ideal for intricate brush work. Read more
  2. INV01475

    A retractable wire brush featuring light gauge wire and a smooth rubber handle. Fast and easy to play.
    • Retractable wire brush great for jazz and alternative sounds  
    • Light gauge wires make for fast, effortless playing
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  3. INV05014

    Featuring a small round bead on the tip of each wire, the Live Wires retractable brush is a revolutionary new brush that allows the player to create much louder brush sounds than ever before! Manufactured with a unique and proprietary method, the bead and wire are produced from a single strand which eliminates parts that could come loose over time. Heavy gauge wire improves the balance and rebound, and smooth rubber makes the handle comfortable and easy to grip. The retractable pull-rod allows for a variety of settings.
    • Features heavy gauge wires with an added bead on each for more volume and snap around the kit  
    • Retractable brushes with a smooth grip in an eye-catching finish

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  4. INV07797

    Multi-purpose brushes that are ideal for Cajon playing.

    • Brushes feature thin, retractable bristles that are both durable and flexible for light playing
    • Rubber tips add increased bass response and attack
    • Weight-balanced handles for projection and rebound
    • Equipped with specially-treated, non-slip grips
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6 Item(s)