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  1. Pro Mark C-RODS, Hot Rods, Cool Version, pair, Lenght: 16,14", Diameter: 0,43" Read more
  2. Pro Mark Hot Rods (pair). Length: 16.14"; diameter: 0.55". Read more
  3. Pro Mark L-Rods - Lightning version, pair. Length: 16.14". Diameter: 0.55" Read more
  4. Pro Mark T-RODS, Thunder Version, pair, Lenght: 16,14", Diameter: 0,70" Read more
  5. Pro Mark PMBRM2, Small Broomsticks, Hybrid of brushes and ProMark Rods, Length: 13-1/4" Diameter: .750", Adjustable O-rings allow for control of bristle spread, Made from actual broomcorn, ProMark Small Broomsticks are a smaller, more manageable version of the original Broomsticks. Broomsticks are a hybrid between brushes and ProMark Rods made from actual broomcorn. Broomsticks offer greater volume than brushes, though less attack than rods. Adjustable O-rings allow the player to change the spread of the bristles much like one would with a pair of brushes. Read more
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5 Item(s)