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  1. INV02111

    Meinl CL18 Claves, Size: 6 3/4" long, Material: Hardwood, Features: Cutting sound, Convenient carrying, Read more
  2. INV03133

    Meinl CL1RW, Redwood Claves, The rhythm of the clave plays a major role in all forms of Latin Music. Meinl offers a wide variety of extremely rich sounding claves made from Hardwood, Read more
  3. INV04241

    Clave is the foundational rhythmic pattern for much of Latin music and is typically played by striking two wooden sticks together, producing a bright, cracking sound.

    • Clave and striker are the same size (8"L x 1"W)
    • Loudest clave available and is made of specially formulated fiberglass
    • Nearly indestructible construction yields an incredibly loud "cutting" sound that can be heard on recordings from around the world
    • Cuts through loud music, ideal for large bands or marching bands
    Read more
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4 Item(s)