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Hand Bells

Set Descending Direction


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  1. INV07373

    Each bell is made of sturdy metal which is coated in a clear plastic casing to protect it from damage. This means that they are built to last and will withstand use in the classroom, without compromising their clear and bright tone.

    • 5 chromatic combi bells
    • Metal bells with clear plastic casing and plastic stem
    • Black handles like the black notes of a keyboard
    • Bells follow our colour matching note system

    Create the chromatic set

    Add this set of 5 combi bells to your PP275 diatonic bells to create a full chromatic scale. This pack includes 5 notes: C#/Db 65, D#/Eb 67, F#/Gb 70, G#/Ab 72, and A#/Bb 74. The bells are lots of fun and incredibly easy to play – simply shake as a hand bell or push the button on top of the handle. The flexibility of the combi bells means they can adapt to any practice or performance space. So, whether you are on stage or in a small classroom, the combi bells can adapt. Also, accompanied by the PP277 expansion pack of 7 combi bells and the the PP275 diatonic set you can achieve a range of A61 to E80.

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  2. INV00178

    Aluminum alloy bars mounted on a solid wood platform Read more
Set Descending Direction


2 Item(s)