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  1. These lightweight plastic maracas provide stability and strong, projecting sounds. We offer four different models for any playing situation.

    • Egonomically shaped handle
    • Sold in Pairs
    • Solid wood curved handles
    • Made for indoor and outdoor settings
    • Plenty of volume for a full dynamic range
    • Perfect for any musician or singer
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  2. Sold in matched pairs, these plastic shell maracas with wood handles have a full, bright sound.

    • Black plastic shells with wood handles
    • Rounded shells give these maracas a bright sound
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  3. INV02110

    Meinl MWM1MC; a pair of Multicoloured wooden maracas Read more
  4. INV04681

    The NINO® Egg Maracas are made from a special plastic material. They have a very clear and pronounced sound and are perfect maracas for children Read more
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7 Item(s)