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Hollow Body Guitars

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  1. The Hagstrom Jazz Model HJ-600 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar features a spruce top, contoured flamed maple back and sides and maple set neck. The Hagstrom patented H-Expander truss rod provides tension at either end and runs the entire length of the neck. The rigid yet lightweight alloy truss rod allows for very low action and a thin neck. Another Hagstrom exclusive, the resinator fretboard is an extraordinary, homogeneous wood composite that maintains a strong fundamental harmonic and eliminates wolf tones. It offers the articulate sound of high quality ebony but with more consistency and durability. Silky smooth, reliable and fast. Two Hagstrom HJ-50 humbuckers, each with volume and tone, combined with the hollowbody resonance, give the HJ-600 incredible power and range of tone. Read more
  2. White. Vikings took no prisoners and neither will this versatile and elegant instrument. The all-rounder, it covers all genres, from blues to rock/fusion, jazz - and back. Read more
  3. Classic meets Classy! Premium "Exotic Burl" Maple top and Maple binding bring the Select Swede up a notch, or three! The Hagstrom Select Swede has been considered one of Hagstrom's flagship models, since it was first introduced to the world back in the late 1970's. This Hagstrom Select Swede guitar recaptures the original glorious Hagstrom style. It was built to the same stringent quality standards and feature Hastrom's exclusive technologies including the legendary H-Expander Truss Rod while introducing a number of new technological advances such as the Resinator Fretboard in order to guarantee that these are the finest guitars on the market. Read more
  4. The Hagstrom Super Swede has been the king of the Hagstrom lineup since its debut in the late 70's. It was often billed as having the "Fastest Neck in the World", thanks to Hagstrom's innovative H-Expander Truss Rod, which allows for a very thin neck and ultra-low action for superb playability. Hagstrom's equally innovative Resinator Fretboard was also an important part of the Hagstrom Super Swede equation. It's wood composite construction has the character and definition of the finest ebony, but with more consistent harmonic resonance up and down the length of the neck, eliminating "wolf tones" and dead spots. Hagstrom packaged these groundbreaking designs in a classic mahogany set-neck guitar design, with a carved maple top and Custom 58 Humbuckers adding to the Hagstrom Super Swede's rich sonic character. Read more
  5. The Hagstrom Swede Special Edition 2X H90-S Electric Guitar produces vintage double coil-like power with added bite and precision. It features some remarkable advances in guitar making. Resinator Wood is a natural wood composite material that is homogeneous in nature and is more stable than any standard wood product. It is the perfect fingerboard material in that it eliminates wolf notes or hot spots. It has an articulate sound simular to high-quality ebony, but without any of the problems associated with ebony. It provides anstable and clear tone, and also adds higher overtones and harmonics, which uniquely details each note played. Like the H‐Expander trussrod, Resinator wood also plays a major part in producing the special "Hagstrom tone".Hagstrom P-90sThe most common issue with P-90 pickups is that players love the tone, but often think that they are too weak. Hagstrom fixed that by equipping this lovely axe with specially developed P-90-S Pickups (the "S" stands for "Spiced"). Read more
  6. An excellent jazz guitar is still an indisputable benchmark of fine guitar craftsmanship. Every inch of these models portrays the master's genius. Thank you "Jimmy". Read more
  7. INV00681

    Hagstrom proudly presents the Viking® DLX Custom’s, primarily based on the Hagstrom Viking® DLX with its semi-hollow Maple ply body, Maple set neck, and stylish Hagstrom Trapeze tailpiece which continues to adorn this classic and influential instrument. Two new ”Custom” finishes are introduced within the release of this new model: “Mandarin” adorned with glorifying golden hardware, and “Black Cherry” decorated with its spectacularly silvery chrome hardware. Read more
  8. INV04168

    Fantomen (Swedish for “The Phantom”) transports Hagstrom’s legendary playability and technical excellence into a new, edgier realm. We started with an elegantly asymmetrical solid-mahogany body to which we have joined a mahogany neck using our classic mortise-and-tenon neck joint system. Of course, since it’s a Hagstrom, the Fantomen uses our H-Expander® truss rod and Resinator® fingerboard, providing the ultimate in playing surface stability and optimal tonal enhancement. Together these components create an incredibly stable, resonant and responsive sonic foundation. Read more
  9. INV07073

    Epiphone Sheraton-II PRO Vintage Sunburst brand new in the box, the weight of this guitar is 4.05 kg. The Epiphone Sheraton™-II PRO honors Epiphone's most influential "thin-line" semi-hollow electric guitar. Played by artists such as the legendary John Lee Hooker, Noel Gallagher, The Edge, and Emily Wolfe, the Sheraton™-II continues to shape sound throughout generations. The guitar is equipped with our critically acclaimed ProBucker™ pickups with coil-splitting, and Graph Tech® NuBone XL™ nut, 5-piece Maple/Walnut neck, and Custom Block and Triangle fretboard inlay. Available in Vintage Sunburst finish. Read more
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9 Item(s)