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    Designed for active basses, this passive DI is optimized to give full, rich, linear sound at all frequencies. The Markbass Super Pro DI Box has worked long and hard to design a state-of-the-art passive direct box that fully meets the needs of professional sound engineers. Phase distortion and harmonic distortion are most prevalent at lower frequencies, but through the Super Pro DI Box, the sound comes through clearly with smooth, transparent low end. The Markbass direct box is extremely quiet and clean, and has been optimized to give full, rich, linear sound at all frequencies, handling extreme transients without adding any distortion or color to your sound. The Super Pro DI Box performs beautifully with any source you put through it”not just bass. The Markbass pedal is great for acoustic and electric guitars, electronic drums, high-output electronic instruments and digital keyboards. Passive direct boxes have the advantage of providing isolation, which can reduce ground hum in systems, but this requires a high-quality transformer”and the "Yellow Box" features one of the world's finest. Read more
  2. INV05264

    The SOUNDSATION ADX-500 ACTIVE BOX is an electronic device that converts an unbalanced audio signal into a balanced signal . You can connect unbalanced input devices like an electric bass, a guitar or a keyboard. The balanced line is less sensitive to electromagnetic interferences and has a better S/N ratio. In this way it is possible to achieve a good performance in case of long distances as well. For instance, it is possible to connect your instrument to a distant mixer maintaining a good quality signal. The ADX-500 is highly recommended for sound engineers and stage/studio performers.

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  3. INV05481

    Building upon decades of experience creating studio-quality gear for the stage, the Align Active DI is the embodiment of LR Baggs engineering at its highest level and uses the most pristine circuitry we have developed in a DI. Our all-discrete design preserves the authenticity of your sound while providing high headroom for a wide range of signals. Equally at home on a pedalboard or standalone, we are excited to offer a DI with such a high degree of fidelity and functionality. Read more
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9 Item(s)