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  1. 10928

    Thon Flex Cut universal mixer/accessory case - special easy-to-cut foam can be cut to custom dimensions (15 x 15mm pre-cut cubes), excellent for microphones, mixers etc. Suitable for Behringer UB802, UB1002, UB1204-Pro, UB1204 FX-Pro, UB1622FX-Pro, UB1832FX-Pro, UB2222FX-Pro, MX602, MX 802, MXB1002, MX1604, MX2004, MX1804, VMX100/200/300, Mackie 1202VLZ, 1404VLZ and many other products. Internal dimensions: 50 x 10.5 x 40 cm. External dimensions: 53 x 15 x 43 cm Read more
  2. 14863

    Whether you have a mixing applications that involves only a few channels, or up to 32 inputs with substantial signal routing versatility, Yamaha's MG-series offers a console that will give you the capacity, control, and performance you deserve. All models are remarkably compact and lightweight for superior handling and portability, but absolutely no compromises have been made in terms of features, performance, or durability. Read more
  3. 15971

    Yamaha PA 20 - power supply for Yamaha MG 12/4 FX, MG 124 CX, MW12CX, N8. (17.5V X2 0.94A, 3-pin connector). Read more
  4. 20855

    JamHub GreenRoom - new silent rehearsal system for bands, for up to 7 musicians, SoleMix for individual mix per musician, 7x XLR and 7x jack inputs, mp3 player connector, internal 24bit effects processor, adjustable headphone output per channel, stage control (balance), +48V phantom power, USB out for direct recording to a PC, incl. 1x guitarcable jack stereo > jack mono, optional cable availabe (pro snake jam cable), includes 1x Solemix remote (connections for up to 4 remotes). Read more
  5. 21597

    The Yamaha MGP12X mixer gives you analog warmth and simplicity along with sophisticated DSP functions, all in a compact metal chassis packed with Yamaha innovation. Your signal path starts with great-sounding D-PRE Class A mic preamps, sporting an inverted Darlington circuit design. The MGP12X's X-pressive equalization delivers the essence of classic vintage EQs, while its intelligent 1-knob compressors give you effortless dynamic control. With its Priority Ducker, Leveler, and Stereo Image functions, the Stereo Hybrid channel offers a fresh take on sound reinforcement in the digital age. Check out the evolution of the analog mixer: Yamaha's MGP12X. Read more
  6. INV00242

    6-Channel Mixing Console: Max. 2 Mic / 6 Line Inputs (2 mono + 2 stereo) / 1 Stereo Bus Read more
  7. INV00243

    10-Channel Mixing Console: Max. 4 Mic / 10 Line Inputs (4 mono + 3 stereo) / 1 Stereo Bus / 1 AUX (incl. FX) Read more
  8. INV00456

    6-Channel Mixing Console: Max. 2 Mic / 6 Line Inputs (2 mono + 2 stereo) / 1 Stereo Bus Read more
  9. INV00457

    12-Channel Mixing Console: Max. 6 Mic / 12 Line Inputs (4 mono + 4 stereo) / 2 GROUP Buses + 1 Stereo Bus / 2 AUX (incl. FX) Read more
  10. INV00458

    16-Channel Mixing Console: Max. 10 Mic / 16 Line Inputs (8 mono + 4 stereo) / 4 GROUP Buses + 1 Stereo Bus / 4 AUX (incl. FX) Read more
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