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  1. The S Curve 131 is a professional quality signal processor that gives you precise tonal control over a mono audio signal. Center detented sliders with LED illumination allow you to selectively cut or boost selected frequency areas by as much as 12 dB. Front panel controls include output level sliders, a variable Lowcut filter, as well as Cut Only, Range and Bypass switches. The rear panel provides electronically balanced inputs and outputs on 1/4-inch and XLR connectors. Thanks to low noise circuitry, the S curve 131 can be used in a wide variety of applications, including live performance (in conjunction with either Front Of House or monitor mixers), in broadcast environments, or for recording. S Curve 131 is the perfect choice for professionals looking for a single 31-band EQ solution in a single rackspace.

    • 1/3 octave 31 band graphic equalizer 
    • Constant Q circuitry
    • Balanced XLR and TRS inputs and outputs 
    • Variable low cut, cut only, and bypass mode 
    • Switchable 6 or 12 dB filter 
    • LED faders and LED bar VU meter
    • Single rackspace
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  2. INV08852

    The PreSonus® Studio Channel channel strip is a wonderful studio tool that's great for live performance, too. Featuring a tube preamp, VCA-based compressor, and three-band EQ, it delivers a huge variety of timbres. With XLR mic, balanced ¼-inch line, and unbalanced ¼-inch instrument inputs and balanced XLR and ¼-inch outputs, you can connect it to almost any audio interface, amp or PA.

    The Class A preamp starts with a high-output 12AX7 tube for lots of headroom and big tone. Gain and Tube Drive controls enable a wide range of sounds, from transparent and clear to edgy and overdriven. A -20 dB pad, 80 Hz high-pass filter and polarity reverse let you tweak your signals.

    Our VCA-based compressor is known for musicality and fast attack, with the ability to tame the fastest transients so you can record blazing-hot signals with accurate dynamics control. In addition to ratio, threshold, attack, release and gain controls, it offers an Auto Attack/Release feature with preset attack and release curves. The backlit VU meter displays gain reduction or output gain.

    The three-band EQ is a precision tool that can be pre- or post-compressor, and you can bypass each stage independently. Custom-designed amps deliver sweet-sounding gain and cut for smooth highs, clear midrange and deep, solid lows. The midrange band is fully parametric, with variable Q, while the high- and low-frequency bands are semi-parametric, with Frequency and Gain controls, and can be shelving or peak bands.

    • Class A 12AX7 vacuum-tube mic/instrument preamplifier with Tube Drive control
    • Gain control with +10 dB to +54 dB gain range
    • 48V phantom power switch, 80 Hz high-pass filter, -20 dB pad, and Polarity-reverse switch
    • Fully Variable VCA compressor with Attack, Release, Ratio, Threshold, and (makeup) Gain; Auto Attack/Release switch; Soft/Hard Knee switch; and Bypass switch
    • 3-band parametric equalizer with Gain, Frequency and Q controls (mid band); Gain and Frequency controls and Shelving/Peak switches (low and high bands); switchable pre-/post-compressor; Bypass switch
    • Backlit VU meter with Gain Reduction to Meter switch (gain reduction or output gain)
    • 1 unbalanced ¼-inch instrument input (front panel), 1 balanced ¼-inch line input, and 1 balanced XLR mic input
    • 1 balanced ¼-inch and 1 balanced XLR line output
    • 1U 19-inch rack-mountable, rugged steel chassis with sealed, detented rotary controls
    • External 16 VAC power supply
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