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Stands For Guitars

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  1. 14845

    Hercules Stands GSP-40SB Guitar Holder - Auto Grab system, for mounting on wall mounts. Read more
  2. 15805

    Hercules Stands GS 412B Electric Guitar Stand - hand grip height adjustment, adjustable guitar back rest, not recommended for guitars with nitro lacquer. Read more
  3. 16148

    The collapsible guitar stand accommodates all kinds of guitars, banjos and basses. The height can be adjusted by an easy-to-use clamping lever. The stand is equipped with a locking mechanism to prevent turning, a solid and collapsible yoke construction with an additional safety strap and special foam pads to protect the finish of the guitar. Stable foot construction with reinforced base. Read more
  4. 17501

    Hercules Stands GS432B 3-Way Guitar Stand - simple vertical adjustment with safe stop, not recommended for guitars with nitro lacquer. Read more
  5. 17502

    Hercules GS454B Auto-Grab Classical Guitar Stand

    • Classical Guitar Stand
    • Wider Auto Grip System Yoke Designed for Classical Guitars
    • Comfort Grip Height Adjuster
    • Specially Formulated Foam on All Contact Points
    • Load Capacity: 15kg (33lbs)
    Read more
  6. 18928

    Hercules Stands GS422B 2-Way Guitar Stand - simple vertical adjustment, safe stop, not recommended for guitars with nitro lacquer. Read more
  7. 20454

    Hercules Stands HA101 AGS System Lock, suitable for all Hercules AGS guitar stands/hangers except GS455B (#217272) & GSP29WB (#113676) Read more
  8. INV00100

    Inexpensive guitar stand, black, extension tube with anti-twist protection, H: 630-820 mm, 1.3 kg Read more
  9. INV00110

    The Guardian securely holds up to 5 E-guitars or bass guitars, saving space. Specially adjusted and cushioned instrument supports and the flexible protective arms provide a secure grip. The Guardian is easy to transport and carry thanks to an innovative folding mechanism. It can be stored in an upright position. The individual upper support brackets with integrated pick holders allow the guitars to be placed either on the right or left side, and also ensure that the guitar strings are not touched. For mobile use castors can be mounted optionally. The translucent (colorless) elements made of high quality Elastomer plastic are suitable for all kind of guitar lacquers, including nitro lacquer. Discoloration from the stand to the guitar does not occur. Read more
  10. INV00112

    The »Guardian« holds 3 guitars securely, saves space and allows you an easy overview of your guitars. Ideal for use in the studio, on stage in a shop or at home. No matter whether you have acoustic, electrical or bass guitars, the special instrument-compatible supports protectively hold max. 3 guitars. The protective bars stop the guitars from rotating and prevent inadvertent removal or knocks or bumps when taking the guitars from the stand or placing them Read more
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Items 1 to 10 of 30 total

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