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Pickups for Traditional Instruments

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  1. Fishman Rare Earth Series Banjo Humbucker - fits dual coordinator rod instruments (may be modified to fit single rod banjos), magnetic humbucker for under skin fixing, jack socket, battery box for 9V battery (5000 hours approximate life). Read more
  2. L.R.Baggs Radius-M Mandoline Pickup Mandolinpickup, magnetic Sensor like Mikrophonmembran Read more
  3. INV01369

    Capture the tone and feel of your ukulele with the Matrix Infinity Undersaddle Pickup & Preamp System from Fishman. This easy-to-install system combines an undersaddle acoustic Matrix pickup with an active, end-pin mounted preamp to deliver clear, transparent sound, dynamic string response, as well as volume, tone, and voicing control. Read more
  4. INV04317

    Our classic Undersaddle ceramic guitar pickup. AG-Series pickups do not require a battery, but an impedance-matching preamp is recommended, for best performance. Available in a variety of widths and string spacings. Read more
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6 Item(s)