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Pickups for Traditional Instruments

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  1. L.R.Baggs Radius-M Mandoline Pickup Mandolinpickup, magnetic Sensor like Mikrophonmembran Read more
  2. INV01369

    Capture the tone and feel of your ukulele with the Matrix Infinity Undersaddle Pickup & Preamp System from Fishman. This easy-to-install system combines an undersaddle acoustic Matrix pickup with an active, end-pin mounted preamp to deliver clear, transparent sound, dynamic string response, as well as volume, tone, and voicing control. Read more
  3. INV04317

    Our classic Undersaddle ceramic guitar pickup. AG-Series pickups do not require a battery, but an impedance-matching preamp is recommended, for best performance. Available in a variety of widths and string spacings. Read more
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5 Item(s)