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  1. Denis Wick DW5551 straight mute for trumpet, made of wood Read more
  2. INV02211

    Additional holder ring with a large diameter (95 mm) is available for the expansion of Mute Holder 15910. The holder ring is completely rubberized, ensuring that the mute is safe and protected. Read more
  3. INV03417

    The practical and flexible holder for 3 mutes can be attached onto tubes with a diameter of 7 to 30 mm. The holder is suitable for all common mutes for trumpets, cornets and Flugel horns. The individual holder rings (2 large sized, 1 small sized) are completely rubberized to protect the mutes from scratches and collapses for an easy transport. Read more
  4. INV06900

    • Reduces volume without hindering technique
    • Ideal for practicing your embouchure and breathing
    • Improve intonation, sound and articulation
    • Suitable for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone sax as well as clarinet
    • Supplied with detailed book and DVD for clear tips and exercises
    • Mouthpiece not included
    Read more
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4 Item(s)