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  1. 11251

    Yamaha YRA-28 BIII alto recorder,plastic body in 3 pieces, english system,double hole,white,incl. bag Read more
  2. 11628

    Yamaha YRS-24 B - 3 piece plastic body soprano recorder, baroque fingering, double hole, includes bag. Color: white. Read more
  3. 12741

    Moeck 1021 Soprano (Descant) Recorder - made from special plastic, baroque fingering, includes bag. Read more
  4. 13201

    Yamaha YRN-22 B Sopranino recorder, brown plastic, english system, incl. Bag NB! This is NOT regular SOPRANO recorder! Features: Tuning: F (a' = 442 Hz) Material: ABS plastics Baroque fingering Doublehole Two pieces Color: Brown Incl. bag and fingering chart Read more
  5. 13202

    Yamaha YRS-312 BIII soprano recorder - baroque system, double hole, palisander-like plastic, includes bag. Read more
  6. 13203

    Yamaha YRS-314 B III. Soprano recorder, english system, ebony-like plastic, incl. bag. Read more
  7. 13204

    Yamaha YRA-302 BIII - alto (treble) recorder, 3-piece plastic body, English fingering, double holes, includes soft case. Colour: Brown Read more
  8. 13219

    Yamaha YRS302 BIII Soprano Recorder in C - English system, brown and white plastic, includes bag. Read more
  9. 14457

    Yamaha YRS-301 III soprano recorder,german system,plastic,brown,incl. bag Read more
  10. 15968

    Yamaha YRS-23 Soprano (Descant) Recorder - German fingering, plastic, includes bag. Colour: White Read more
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Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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