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    Yamaha YSL-354 E Tenor Trombone - for beginner, brass, includes case. Read more
  2. 17707

    Many children are fascinated by the trombone. It has a strong and pleasing tone which can slide smoothly from note to note, and it's visually exciting—-it looks fun! But unlike most other instruments, most trombones cannot be played by small children. Modern trombones were designed for adults, and many would-be beginners just can't stretch their arms far enough to play all the slide positions. That's why we created the Yamaha 350C. This is a full-sized trombone, using the traditional slide positions, but it's much shorter in length. With its ascending valve, you can play a full scale without using the two farthest positions! Read more
  3. INV01179

    Model #3: This model #3 was one of the earlier ones built and is entirely gold plated and has beautiful engraving. This horn is light to hold but has a bigger sound than the model #1 or #2 yet with a warm open sound and works great for playing first part in a Wind Ensemble, or a Broadway Show. Read more
  4. INV05268

    Bb tenor tromboneThe trombones of the Yamaha 400 series impress with a beautiful full tone and an even response. They are easy to play and look just like the professional Yamaha trombones, aside from the price. The bell size and bore are the same as in the 'Pro' models, and the trombones of the 400 series have also received many handcrafted details. All models have a 214.4 mm gold brass bell, which guarantees a warm, full sound and sounds wonderful in every concert hall. In addition, these trombones offer an incredibly accurate intonation, a very light traction, a light response and a pleasant playability.The YSL-445GE has a ML bore and is suitable for any music style. Read more
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5 Item(s)