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Practice Pads

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  1. Tama TSP6, Rehersal / Practice Pad, the special foam on this Padprovides a nice bouncy feel, the six inch Diameter makes it easily for Transport, Read more
  2. INV02529

    The Evans RealFeel 12" practice pads feature a gum rubber playing surface. Evans practice pads are the most popular option available, providing the best practice substitute to an acoustic drum. Read more
  3. INV05363

    The Meinl Practice Pads in Thomas Lang Signature Design offer an absolutely realistic playing feel with a natural rebound. The 6" pad is small and handy, even fits in stick bags and is therefore ideal for traveling. It also mounts to any standard cymbal stand with an 8mm thread. The 12" pad is perfect for quiet practice directly on the snare drum or for clamping into the snare stand. Both models are equipped with a non-slip underside, so a warm-up before the gig is also always and everywhere possible. Read more
  4. INV07640

    TAMA TCP20 is a pair of silicone rubber tips that fit over most drum stick models. These tips make it easy and convenient to practice silently, anytime, anywhere. Read more
  5. INV08076

    This dual-sided practice pad features surfaces that are softer and thicker in nature than most practice pads on the market. The ¾ inch Flexx surface works well for all types of techniques and velocities, including those utilizing the arm, wrist, and fingers. The other side features a ½ inch Workk surface, which offers less bounce overall, though still provides a firmness allowing for strokes to be more audible than on a pillow or other completely dead surface. The Workk surface is a good place to practice techniques that involve the upper and lower arm, and wrist specific movements that utilize a larger range of motion, at low to medium velocities. Ideal for drummers looking to advance their technique, this practice pad promotes control, strength, sensitivity, and endurance while allowing for a greater range of stroke velocity.

    • Strong training effect for the arm, wrist and finger muscles
    • 2 Unique surfaces for targeted muscle conditioning
    • FLEXX surface for medium resistance and rebound
    • WORKK surface with high resistance and less rebound, yet more audible than playing on pillows
    • One of the quietest pads currently in the market, ideal for low-volume practice

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  6. INV08914

    TAMA's TSP9 Practice Pad accurately imitates the natural feel & rebound of an acoustic snare drum. The wooden base and 6mm thick rubber playing surface offer excellent durability. This combination provides easy control and is ideal for hours long practice sessions. The non-slip base allows the practice pad to rest on a tabletop or snare drum without damaging the surface beneath.

    • Unique Playing Surface
    • A Natural Feel with the Perfect Bounce
    • Portable Compact Size - 9"
    • Non-Skid Soft Foam Base
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  7. INV08931

    The Vic Firth Universal Marching Practice Tips are rubber tips that fit over virtually all marching drumsticks. Great for practice and creating interesting timbres on drums and cymbals.

    • Great for on-the-go practice
    • Fits most marching drumsticks
    • Rubber
    • Red
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9 Item(s)