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Bass Effects

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  1. 18115

    COMPRESSORE is a state-of-the-art compression tool that allows you to control gain, threshold, ratio, attack and release. The pedal also true bypass, which means that when the compressor is ‘off’, your signal goes directly from the input jack to the output jack without any degradation of audio quality. Read more
  2. 19767

    Markbass Super Synth, effect stompbox for bass guitar guitars, Synth/Octaver with true bypass, control: GAIN-, CUT FREQ/OCT -1, TONE/OCT +1, LEVEL/DRY, switch for PRESETS, TRUE BYPASS and SYNTH/OCTAVER switch, USB for further effect parameter adjustments via MARKBASS Software (download), big display, 12Volt DC power supply is needed (included), jack our for mix or pure effect signal Read more
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    Markbass Compressore - state-of-the-art valve compressor with true bypass. Controls: clean, threshold- ratio, attack, release, volume. Powered via external 12V DC power supply (included). Read more
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4 Item(s)