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  1. INV01150

    This flexible, compact distortion pedal allows you to tailor your distorted sound to any musical situation. The MB7 Distorsore combines a wide range of distortion sounds, from natural sweet overdrive to very aggressive distortion. The handy 7-band graphic EQ (with controls ranging from 40 Hz to 4 kHz) gives you precise control of your distorted bass sounds. Read more
  2. Thanks to the two modes offered, it's actually two pedals in one.
    Boost mode enhances your sound without affecting your original tone, giving your solos a boost.
    Switch to blues mode and find a warmer and more natural Lead sound with a clearly Bluesbreaker charm from the 1960s.

    - Mode selector: Boost and Blues.
    - Saturation control.
    - Tone control.
    - Volume control.
    - Supplied with battery.

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Set Descending Direction


5 Item(s)