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  1. When it comes to compact effects, nine is the magic number. By popular demand (and the understandably escalating prices of the originals), we're reissuing two of the most popular Ibanez 9-Series effects, the FL9 Flanger and CS9 chorus. If you missed out on getting one of these classics the first time around, now is the time.

    • Ratecontrols the speed/rate of the LFO waves that control the flanger
    • Widthcontrols the depth of the LFO waves that control the flanger
    • Regencontrols the resonance/feedback of the flanger
    • Delay Timecontrols the center amount of shift
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  2. The Marshall RG-1 Regenerator is a Modulation pedal that features Chorus, Flanger and Phaser. A pretty comprehensive range of classic guitar effects. Marshall, the biggest selling brand of guitar amplifiers in our Glasgow shop, also make some great effects. For sale online and in our Glasgow shop. Fast UK dispatch and delivery. Read more
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3 Item(s)