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  1. INV04161

    A touch sensitive low gain overdrive pedal. Read more
  2. INV04170

    The Royal Blue Overdrive is an extremely touch sensitive overdrive. Read more
  3. INV04172

    A natural sounding pedal works as a clean boost, ”on the edge” crunch, or a sweet singing overdrive. Read more
  4. INV05652

    The OD-1X launches the famous BOSS overdrive into a modern era of expression, delivering an unmatched level of performance for guitarists with an ear for tone. This next-generation stomp combines over 35 years of innovation in pedal design with the most advanced technologies, bringing you a completely new tonal experience that’s only possible with the legendary expertise of BOSS. Prepare to be amazed—the inspiring and ultra-responsive OD-1X will change your thinking about overdrive pedals forever. Read more
  5. Ibanez TS808 the original tube Screamer - looks and sounds just like the original. Controls: overdrive, tone and level, power by 9V battery (included) or by optional power supply (# 108096) AND SPECIAL ADAPTER (# 113733) Read more
  6. Thanks to the two modes offered, it's actually two pedals in one.
    Boost mode enhances your sound without affecting your original tone, giving your solos a boost.
    Switch to blues mode and find a warmer and more natural Lead sound with a clearly Bluesbreaker charm from the 1960s.

    - Mode selector: Boost and Blues.
    - Saturation control.
    - Tone control.
    - Volume control.
    - Supplied with battery.

    Read more
  7. overdrive/distortion mode switch, volume and gain control, solid metal casing, bass and treble control, passive bypass, overdrive/distortion effect pedal, contour level and contour frequency, optional power supply Read more
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Items 1 to 10 of 15 total

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