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  1. INV04161

    A touch sensitive low gain overdrive pedal. Read more
  2. INV04170

    The Royal Blue Overdrive is an extremely touch sensitive overdrive. Read more
  3. Ibanez TS808 the original tube Screamer - looks and sounds just like the original. Controls: overdrive, tone and level, power by 9V battery (included) or by optional power supply (# 108096) AND SPECIAL ADAPTER (# 113733) Read more
  4. Thanks to the two modes offered, it's actually two pedals in one.
    Boost mode enhances your sound without affecting your original tone, giving your solos a boost.
    Switch to blues mode and find a warmer and more natural Lead sound with a clearly Bluesbreaker charm from the 1960s.

    - Mode selector: Boost and Blues.
    - Saturation control.
    - Tone control.
    - Volume control.
    - Supplied with battery.

    Read more
  5. The Tonebug Overdrive Guitar Pedal from T-Rex is all about overdrive. Not distortion, not fuzz, but overdrive, that almost miraculously warm, saturated sound of one vintage tube amp pushing the next one just a little too hard. It's what the blues and rock are made of, and now it's yours with the T-Rex ToneBug Overdrive pedal. Tonebug Overdrive is a masterpiece of simplicity, offering just the controls you need to give your sound the unmistakable warm edge that's the hallmark of every guitarist that's ever meant anything to rock and roll. You get a Gain control for setting the amount of overdrive, a Tone control for tuning the timbre of your gain, and Level for making sure your overall volume is right. The T-Rex Tonebug Overdrive is one stompbox that's everything you need and nothing you don't. Read more
  6. INV07649

    The Ibanez NTS Tube Screamer is the very first compact guitar effects pedal to incorporate Nutube technology directly into its circuitry. This pairing of Ibanez's Tube Screamer with KORG's Nutube produces overdrive with exceptional dynamics, improved sensitivity, and natural tube compression. Read more
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Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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