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  1. Stable footrest, height-adjustable to 6 different positions. Large non-skid plastic pad and heavy-duty legs for added stability. Individually packed. Read more
  2. GHS Handmaster Plus A12 Read more
  3. A must for every performing musician. Made of high-quality rubber to ensure a firm hold. Read more
  4. INV00964

    Where is my Pick? No worries, your picks are always ready and at hand with K&M’s Pick Holder. Just attach the holder to your microphone stand. The pick holder has 2 sections which can be linked together. Each section can hold max. 3 picks. If you need to store even more picks, more units can be linked. The units are made from heavy-duty plastic and are very durable. 

    • EAN: 4016842824359
    • Length: 147.5 mm
    • Special features: includes 4 picks of 0.81 mm thickness
    • Finish: black
    • Weight: 0.05 kg

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Set Descending Direction


6 Item(s)