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Other Guitar Accessories

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  1. Stable footrest, height-adjustable to 6 different positions. Large non-skid plastic pad and heavy-duty legs for added stability. Individually packed. Read more
  2. A must for every performing musician. Made of high-quality rubber to ensure a firm hold. Read more
  3. INV00802

    Replace your strings quickly and easily with this stringwinder, featuring a fast-action steel axle for smooth rotation, tough construction, and a comfortable grip with a hidden storage compartment inside. Read more
  4. INV00964

    Where is my Pick? No worries, your picks are always ready and at hand with K&M’s Pick Holder. Just attach the holder to your microphone stand. The pick holder has 2 sections which can be linked together. Each section can hold max. 3 picks. If you need to store even more picks, more units can be linked. The units are made from heavy-duty plastic and are very durable. 

    • EAN: 4016842824359
    • Length: 147.5 mm
    • Special features: includes 4 picks of 0.81 mm thickness
    • Finish: black
    • Weight: 0.05 kg

    Read more
  5. INV02087

    Foot Rest for Guitarist.

    • 4 fixed height positions: 135, 165, 190, 205mm.
    • Pad size: 245 mm x 100 mm.
    • Weight: 750 g.
    • Color: Wood.
    Read more
  6. INV03650

    The Bass Pro-Winder is a high-quality string winder with a built-in string cutter and bridge pin puller. Designed for both vintage and modern style bass tuners, it is the ultimate all-in-one bass string winder and restringing tool. Hardened steel clippers ensure years of reliable performance. Read more
  7. INV03651

    The D'Addario Standard Pick Holder holds up to 4-5 medium gauge picks (more or less for light and heavy gauges) and the included hook-and-loop tab makes it easy to attach to any surface so you always have picks nearby. Read more
  8. INV05503

    The D'Addario Multi-Tool provides the tools needed for most standard adjustments on your guitar and bass. The multi-tool features US and metric-sized keys made of long-lasting, heat-treated S2 steel in a compact design. At home, in the studio, or on the road, D'Addario has the tools to keep you and your instrument playing their best. Read more
  9. INV07318

    The Fret Collar Kit provides the tools you need for quick and effective fret polishing. Includes two different sizes to fit most fretted instruments. Read more
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Items 1 to 10 of 15 total

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