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Audio Interfaces

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  1. INV03905

    With blazing-fast Thunderbolt connectivity and stellar 24-bit/192kHz audio quality, the Zoom TAC-2R Thunderbolt audio interface brings you amazing functionality for a compact, portable interface. Connections for mics, instruments, line level signals and MIDI give you the versatility you need to tackle a wide variety of recording and streaming applications. You´ve got independent controls for input levels, your main monitoring level, and the headphone level. Factor in the easy-to-use control software and sweet-sounding reverb and delay effects, and you´ve got a lot of production potential with the Zoom TAC-2R. Read more
  2. INV04426

    The unique Fireface UFX II is the premier solution to transfer analog and digital audio data directly to a computer from practically any source.

    Numerous unique features, well thought-out configuration dialogs, an industry-leading mixing engine and monitoring solution, professional DSP effects and class-leading analog circuits with latest digital converters put the Fireface UFX II at the very top of the range of computer-based audio interfaces.

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  3. INV04431

    RME presents the world's most versatile PCI Express audio interface - the HDSPe AIO. This card makes the dream of an All-In-One solution for every possible application come true. The Advanced-Input-Output interface shines with the latest 192 kHz AD- and DA-converters, with more than 112 dB signal to noise ratio. For the first time, all inputs and outputs are simultaneously operational, even SPDIF (phono) and AES/EBU (XLR). Additional hi-quality analog inputs and outputs can easily be added by favourably priced expansion boards. Of course TotalMix, the unsurpassed flexible routing mixer and SteadyClock, RME's sensational clock technology with maximum jitter suppression of external clock signals, are on board too. HDSPe AIO also supports the optional TCO for synchronization to timecode (LTC/video). All this combines into a professional 'soundcard' that the world has not seen before. Read more
  4. INV04772

    In today's world, speed is everything. The blazingly fast Zoom TAC-2 interface uses the latest Thunderbolt™ technology for ultra-low latency and the ultimate in high-quality audio, up to 24-bit/192 kHz. Lightweight and portable, yet rugged enough for the road, the TAC-2 is also easy to use, with a single large rotary knob controlling all parameters. Whether using it in your home studio or on the road, you can rely on your TAC-2 to deliver pristine audio.

    • 2-in/2-out high speed Thunderbolt™ audio interface 
    • Support for recording and playback up to 24-bit/192 kHz 
    • Ultra-low latency audio streaming
    • Two combo balanced XLR/TRS input connectors
    • +48V phantom power for each input
    • Hi-Z input jack allows direct connection of electric guitar or bass
    • Two balanced TRS output jacks for connection to amplifiers or self-powered speakers
    • Dedicated headphone jack with independent level control
    • 7-position LED metering for input, output, and headphone volume
    • High-performance Burr Brown mic preamps with up to +60 dB of amplification
    • 4x upsampling during A/D and D/A conversion for reduced noise and enhanced fidelity
    • Asynchronous transfer system unaffected by computer jitter
    • Simple user interface—all operations controlled by a single rotary knob
    • Bus powered—no AC power required
    • Rugged yet compact and lightweight
    • Works with all Thunderbolt‐equipped Macintosh computers running macOS 10.14 ~ 12 (Intel Mac only)

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  5. INV05995

    Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB on kompaktne USB helikaart, mis on ühendatav nii Mac®, kui Windows operatsioonisüsteemi. Helikaart võimaldab salvestamisel kasutada mitmeid pluginaid reaalajas ilma, et tekiks viivitus heli monitoorimisel. Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB helikaardil on kaks Air funktsiooniga mikrofoni eelvõimendit, MIDI i/o ühendus, 2 monitor väljundit, headphone väljund helitugevuse reguleerimise võimalusega ning palju muud. Helikaardiga on kaasas 1x standard USB kaabel ja 1x USB Type-C™ kaabel Read more
  6. INV05997

    ‌The most popular audio interface for artists across all genres, the third-generation Scarlett 2i2 provides two mic/line/instrument inputs allowing simultaneous recording and playback of up to two channels with independently controllable headphone and monitor outputs. Read more
  7. INV06449

    You’ve found the simplest way to create incredible recordings of your music. Featuring the smallest USB audio interface we make, mic, headphones and all the cables you need to get started, Scarlett Solo Studio is ready to record every song you’ll ever write. Read more
  8. INV06456

    The Steinberg RU44C strikes the perfect balance between portability and connectivity. This 6-in/4-out USB interface delivers professional quality audio resolution with both analog and MIDI connections. The Steinberg UR44C has advanced software compatibility that allows it to work with any USB-C equipped Mac or Windows PC, or iPad Pro. Steinberg’s interfaces have a sturdy, low-profile design and stellar audio quality that’s earned them many loyal fans. Included with your Steinberg UR44C is a free download of Cubase AI and Cubasis LE, two innovative DAWs for your computer or iPad. Read more
  9. INV06692

    The UR22C Recording Pack is the complete package for recording high-quality music, podcasts or interviews and for live streaming audio. The compact, rugged UR22C audio interface has all the connections and facilities needed to record in fantastic 32-bit/192kHz quality, with the included ST-M01 microphone and ST-H01 headphones ensuring that you have everything you need to make great recordings. Read more
  10. INV07689

    RME Hammerfall DSP 9632 is the world's most versatile All-In-One PCI Audio Interface.

    • Balanced stereo analog in- and output, 24-Bit/192kHz, > 110 dB SNR
    • Optional analog expansion boards with 4 balanced in- or outputs
    • All analog I/Os capable of 192 kHz, constant number of available channels
    • 1 ADAT digital I/O, supporting 96 kHz S/MUX operation
    • 1 SPDIF digital I/O, 192 kHz-capable
    • 1 Breakout cable for coaxial SPDIF*
    • Up to 16 I/Os can be used simultaneously!
    • 1 Stereo headphone output, parallel to the analog out, additional level settings
    • 1 MIDI I/O with 16 channels of hi-speed MIDI via breakout cable
    • DIGICheck, RMEs unique metering- and analysing tool
    • HDSP Meter Bridge: freely scalable level meters, peak- and RMS calculation directly in hardware
    • TotalMix: 512 channel Mixer with 40 Bit internal resolution
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