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  1. If you’re looking for an accordion with the typical HOHNER sound that is incredibly versatile, yet small and light – look no further. With the Nova III 96, we present you a beginner’s accordion that is specifically designed for smaller accordionists. The familiar HOHNER quality, sound, look, are shrunk into our smallest 3-voiced accordion yet. Not just for children, this accordion is a convenient travel companion and perfect for exploration both in the physical world and into soundscapes ranging from jazz to classical music, pop to rock. Read more
  2. INV01987

    Her name might not suggest it, but the Corona II is actually quite the all-rounder. She’s the instrument of choice for artists ranging from Norteño and Tex-Mex artists like Flaco Jiménez, to punk rocker Matt Hensley of Flogging Molly. She can even be heard on Bob Dylan’s 2009 single “Beyond Here Lies Nothing,” creating an unusual yet exciting combination of blues rock and the Norteño accordion sound. The Corona II is the perfect accordion for both stage and studio productions, with the typical HOHNER sound, offering advanced and professional musicians everything they could ask for. Read more
  3. INV06876

    The typical HOHNER sound, as crisp and voluminous as we know it – but at an incredible price. The compadre is your best friend for your first steps into the world of Norteño, Tex-Mex, and folk punk. Explore the acoustic possibilities of Mexican, Irish, and German folk with this sturdy accordion designed for beginners and advanced players. Read more
  4. INV07569

    The typical HOHNER sound, as crisp and voluminous as we know it – but at an incredible price.

    • Number of notes: 62
    • Buttons: 31
    • Button rows: 3
    • Class: diatonic
    • Voices: 2
    • Tone colors: 1
    • Keys: G/C/F
    • Standard basses: 12
    • Standard bass voices: 5 S
    • ize: 31 x 19 cm / 12.2” x 7.5”
    • Weight: 4 kg
    • Color: black
    • Reed plate quality: standard
    • Straps: Standard straps
    • Case: Gigbag
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  5. INV08877

    The Bravo II 48 might be the smallest of the Bravo Series, but it’s just as powerful as its bigger counterparts. A perfect companion especially for small learners, the Bravo II 48 is your entrance into the world of accordions. Read more
  6. INV09131

    Enter the stage with this beginner’s accordion! Designed specifically for learners, this accordion is your perfect partner for stage performances and playing in orchestras. It offers everything beginners and advanced learners need.

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  7. INV09132

    The bigger brother to the Bravo III 80, the Bravo III 96, offers everything a beginner and advanced learner needs in an accordion. The typical HOHNER sound is combined with a low weight, for your first steps on “the boards that mean the world”.

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  8. INV09133

    The Bravo III 120 offering everything a professional accordion offers as well. With a rich and dynamic sound and a powerful sonic foundation thanks to 120 standard basses, you can play anything from jazz to polka, from rock to classic.

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  9. INV09137

    The HOHNER XS is something completely new and innovative in the accordion world and opens the doors to a wonderful new musical experience for music-loving children! Never before has this seemingly heavy instrument been such a flyweight. Thanks to innovative materials, the HOHNER XS has become a light yet robust instrument. The ergonomic construction of this accordion offers the children optimal playing comfort and thus provides limitless joy in making music. The HOHNER XS is therefore perfectly tailored to the needs of children.

    • Piano Keys: 21
    • Number of notes: 21 (B-G)
    • Size: 28,5 x 14
    • Weight: 2,9
    • Color: Dark blue/ orange
    • Straps: Click and Play Carrying System Kid
    • Case: Gigbag
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  10. INV09173

    With 60 basses, it’s the perfect companion for your first steps into the world of accordions and suitable for big and small learners.

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