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  1. INV09130

    Same traditional design as the Blues Harp® Holder, but large enough to accommodate all types of HOHNER harmonica except Orchestra models. Popular for tremolo and octave instruments as well as ten-hole diatonic harps. For hands-free playing in all styles. Read more
  2. INV06014

    Utilizes Existing Soundhole. No Buttonholes Required. Soft rubber soundhole hook supports the weight of your ukulele and avoids damaging its finish . Fully Adjustable. 19 to 26" Length Range. Eco-friendly strap fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles. Black. Read more
  3. INV07743

    The AW-LT100V is equipped with a dedicated clip that attaches firmly to the peg box of a violin or viola. The tuning meter is directly in your field of vision, and the tuner can be left attached without obstructing your performance in any way. In addition to the conventional chromatic mode, this tuner provides a violin mode and viola mode that let you tune with perfect fifths. In each mode, the string number is displayed beside the note name, ensuring a reliable and intuitive tuning experience.

    • Scale: 12 note equal temperament
    • Range (sine wave): A0 (27.50 Hz)─C8 (4186 Hz)
    • Precision: ± 1 cent
    • Reference Pitch: A4 = 410─480 Hz (1 Hz steps)
    • Tuner Mode: Violin, Viola
    • Power Supply: AAA battery x 1
    • Battery Life: Approximately 100 hours (tuner continuously operating, A4 input, when using alkaline battery)
    • Dimensions (W x D x H): 60 mm x 39 mm x 72 mm/2.36" x 1.54" x 2.83"
    • Weight: 32 g/1.13 oz. (including battery)
    • Included Items: One AAA battery for checking operation
    Read more
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