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  1. Dynamic instrument microphone for percussion, drums, snare or electric guitar.
    • cardioid
    • frequency response 40-15000 Hz,
    • Max SPL: 94 dB SPL,
    • Sensitivity -56.0 dBV / Pa * (1.6 mV),
    • for percussion, drums, snare or electric guitar,
    • dimensions: 157 x 32 mm,
    • weight: 284 g,
    • including microphone bag, microphone clamp, 3/8 "Thread Adapter,
    • optional accessories: windscreen
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  2. Dynamic instrument microphone - hypercardioid, 50Hz-16kHz, excellent for toms, brass etc.

    • Small size
    • Robust body
    • Includes clip and bag
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  3. Overhead electret microphone
    • For sound pickup of hi-hats/cymbals as well as various percussion instruments and acoustic instruments, e.g. guitars/violins, flutes or choir voices
    • Excellent sound characteristics
    • Unobtrusive positioning due to small dimensions
    • Robust body with integrated phantom power supply adapter
    • Supplied with microphone holder
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  4. Audix VX-5 - condenser vocal microphone with super-cardioid polar pattern, 40Hz-16.5kHz, 150Hz switchable lo-cut, switchable 10dB pad, requires phantom power (48-52V). Read more
  5. Audix VX-10 Condenser Vocal Microphone - high SPL (140dB), high gain before feedback, requires 48-52V phantom power. Read more
  6. The D6 dynamic instrument microphone is used for stage, studio, and broadcast applications. Designed with a cardioid pickup pattern for isolation and feedback control, the D6 drum microphone is equipped with a VLM™ diaphragm for natural, accurate sound reproduction.

    Lightweight, compact, and easy to position, the D6 cardioid microphone is an excellent choice for miking instruments requiring extended low-frequency reproduction such as kick drums, large toms, and bass cabinets. The D6’s transformerless design, low impedance, and balanced output allow for interference-free performance.

    Excellent choice for:

    • kick drums
    • large toms
    • bass cabinets.

    Designed, machined, assembled, and tested by Audix in the USA.

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  7. Audix Micro-D - condenser clip microphone with gooseneck for Drums and Brass with hypercardioid polar pattern.

    • 40 - 20.000 Hz
    • 250 Ohm
    • 140 dB SPL max.
    • Mini-XLR connector
    • incl. adapter APS910 to XLR Male
    • incl. Audix D-Vice clamp
    • optional holder for different acoustic instruments
    • 48 Volt phantompower necessary
    • weight 370 gramm
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  8. Electret instrument microphone for sound pickup of accordions, pianos or wind instruments
    • Well-balanced frequency response for a genuine and brilliant sound
    • Structure-borne noise isolated cartridge
    • Flexible gooseneck
    • Quick-acting holder of special design
    • 3.3 m cable with fitted 3-pole XLR phantom power supply adapter for connection to a corresponding microphone input
    • Supplied in a robust transport case with windshield
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  9. INV00133

    Sennheiser E908 B Condenser Gooseneck Microphone - for brass, cardioid, 40Hz-20kHz, 100 Ohms. Includes special clip for brass, MZA900P phantom power adaptor and bag. Dimensions: 116 x 41mm. Weight: 210g. Note: microphone also suitable for EW wireless systems, Cable 2,2 m Read more
  10. INV05973

    Electret condenser microphone with super-cardioid pickup. Rugged, for live performance and lead vocals with natural, detailed sound. Sensitive to the slightest nuances. Precise reproduction for moderators and speakers.

    No matter whether it's quiet or loud, far away or right up close: the e 865 makes every tone worth its weight in gold. The entry into the condenser class can be heard immediately. The highly sensitive membrane picks up the finest vocal nuances and transmits even extreme dynamics into the signal chain with ease.
    Even if the lips are some distance from the capsule, the e 865 delivers consistent sound quality. It combines the professional options of the condenser capsule with the rugged design of the 800 series. On the one hand, this is: studio sound, even for demanding live gigs. And, on the other: a special class for moderators and speakers that allows precise reproduction, even of plosive sounds.

    • Super-cardioid condenser microphone for speech and vocals
    • Natural reproduction with emphasized presence
    • Consistent sound quality (varying distances, moving off axis)
    • Distortion-free reproduction even at very high sound pressure levels
    • Optional silent on/off switch
    • Excellent feedback rejection
    • High handling noise rejection
    • Rugged metal housing
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Items 1 to 10 of 152 total

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